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Airport name ICAO/IATA Location Type
Ascona Airport LSZD / ACO Ascona, Canton of Ticino Closed
Bern Belp Airport LSZB / BRN Bern, Canton of Berne
Buochs Airport LSZC / BXO Buochs, Canton of Nidwalden
Emmen Air Base LSME / EML Canton of Lucerne
Geneva Cointrin International Airport LSGG / GVA Geneva, Canton of Geneva
Grenchen Airport LSZG / ZHI Canton of Solothurn
Interlaken Air Base LSMI / ZIN Canton of Berne Closed
Lausanne-Blécherette Airport LSGL / QLS Lausanne, Canton of Vaud
Locarno Airport LSZL / ZJI Locarno, Canton of Ticino
Lugano Airport LSZA / LUG Lugano, Canton of Ticino
Neuchatel Airport LSGN / QNC Canton of Neuchâtel
Samedan Airport LSZS / SMV Canton of Grisons
Sion Airport LSGS / SIR Sion, Canton of Valais
St Gallen Altenrhein Airport LSZR / ACH Altenrhein, Canton of St. Gallen
Zürich Airport LSZH / ZRH Zurich, Canton of Zurich